Visiting a Adult Store

A Complete Guide On Buying Adult Sex Toys

Sex toys are an instant solution for people that would want to revamp their sex life. But buying a sex toy can be a bit challenging at times. In the excerpt below, you will learn how to purchase an adult sex toy online. 

Look Out for Dangerous Materials

One of your primary concerns when purchasing a sex toy is the presence of dangerous materials. For instance, phthalates are known to affect the body's ability to produce hormones. The substance could also damage the reproduction system and cause kidney and liver problems. Most countries have banned the use of phthalates in cosmetics and children products. 

Phthalates are used to soften sex toys. Some manufacturers will not indicate that the product contains phthalates. As such, consider products made from 100% silicone, hard plastics, or glass.  


Various accessories can help improve your experience as you use the sex toy. For instance, lubes and gels will reduce friction as you use the toy. Some lubes have THC infusions that help intensify your sexual experiences. On the other hand, you could incorporate bondage tools such as cuffs, blindfolds, masks and sensual hot wax candles. 

Build Quality

Read the product description to examine its build quality. For instance, when buying a vibrator, check the battery life and how long the device takes to charge. A toy that lasts a few minutes may not provide as much pleasure. Check the vibrator settings. Some manufacturers incorporate different settings that enable the user to decide the intensity at which they would want to use the toy. Another consideration would be discretion. Some toys are built to resemble pens, USB drives and lipsticks. As such, you can leave them in your drawer or carry them in your purse. 

Website and Seller Reputation

Online reviews and sex blogs can help you identify reputable sex toy websites in your locality. Below are a few tips to help you purchase sex toys online; 

Buying your favourite sex toy should be easy with the above tips. Look out for dangerous materials, consider accessories, examine the build quality and observe the recommended buying tips. 

For more information on adult sex toys, contact an adult shop.